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Aishiteruze Baby

more new anime updates for you guys to download!

Title: Aishiteruze Baby. (I love ya, baby)
Episodes: 1-2
Genre: Shoujo.
Plot: Yuzuyu's mom leaves her. Her cousin, a high school boy Kippei's family takes her in. But no one wants to deal with her. So it's up to Kippei to take her to kindergarden, bring her back, make her lunch, and tuck her in to bed!! I do'nt know why i love it, i just LOVE it. It was boring until the last 10 minutes won me over, when Kippei came late to pick her up. And she thought that her mother left her because she didn't like her onigiri. Dang! Talk about child psychology!!! T.T
Characters: Yuzuyu is SOOO ADORABLE. ADORABLE I say! The main guy, Kippei, he's a horrible playboy. As in... the creator didn't develop him well enough as a playboy. I understand he is, but he sure needs more development. But as a cute older brother! AWSOME! Can't wait to see more of yuzuyu with him ^^
Art: 3/10 Horrible.... MOST HORRIBLE animation of the year! I'd rather give it 0, except the manga art was decent. So much slow motions and freeze scenes, talk about totally underpaid budget.
Music: 2/10 HORRIBLE..... They didn't have money for good music I think... the one scene where the family is talking about what to do with Yuzuyu... that music doesn't match... it was sooo bad...
Seiyuu: 2/10 REALLY bad. I think I can do a better acting job then any of them. HOWEVER, if i'm correct, the little 5 year old girl Yuzuyu is actually done by an 9 year old actor. One of the youngest seiyuu!! IF that rumor is true, dang she does a REALLY good job voice acting. Other then that, everyone... sucks.
Op/Ed: 1/10 One of the most boring op/ed ever...
Overall/Recommendation: 9/10 Even with the HORRIBLE animation job, this is worth getting for the story and the characters. Better if you guys can find the scanlations online and read it.
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