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More updates

Two updates!

First: Gundam Seed !!

Gundam Seed Season 2 will be aired in Japan, Sept 2004. It will take the time spot of Inu Yasha because it's one of the Prime Time zone. Most people think that this doesn't mean Inu Yasha will end, they think Inu Yasha will probably move to a different time slot. We can always hope ^^


Sensei no Ojikan!! by Seichi fansubs! It's amazing!! All otaku fans must get it XDDD it makes fun of a lot of stuff... it's Azumanga Daioh for Otaku!!

I'll make a decent review later. ^^ Support Sensei No Ojikan!
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This is actually still just a Rumor. It was originally posted on a JP SRW BBS whihc is primarily a Mecha site. It was not an official Announcement. Please Take it as a Rumor. Also, The timeslot of Inuyasha is Monday Evening next to Detective Conan. Whihc is Labeled as Family Hour. I dont think GS is a very Family Hour Material since it was origanally on Saturday evening in a timeslot which is more for Darker Anime.I think GS2 should just pick up where FMA ends which was the timeslot GS1 was in. Plus the 4th IY movie was just announced the other day. and IY still gets Great Ratings, I'd see no reason for Sunrise to cancel it. There's an RPG for PS2 coming out too

Again Take it as a rumor.
i thought GS would take place of FMA.... hmm ok. and i knew it was too early to scheduel it in too o.O;