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Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川光) and Seki Tomokazu (関智一)

Anime Seiyuu Update and Reviews!

Bittorrent seiyuu update and anime reviews
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Hello and welcome our Midorikawa Hikaru-sama and Seki Tomokazu's LJ Community. We are all obessed with Midorikawa-sama and Seki Tomokazu-sama I'm sure. Please feel free to reply to our posts!

The maintainers:
rukawagf's fav male seiyuu: Midorikawa - rukawagf is the infamous woman at Otakon 2001's Midorikawa-sama's interview where she knew but asked if Midorikawa is married. Then knowing his answer is yes, she asked him "Will you take a lover or a concubine?" Meaning anyone in the room can be his collection of harem. ;P She is a non-yaoi, non-shonen ai fan, but do not detest them. Just not her preference.
vikki's fav male seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu - vikki is famous for her Tsubasa (new Clamp manga) homepage and the first Sexy-no-Jutsu Naruto cosplay. She is a shonen ai fan and will write reviews in that point of view and genre.
(We wouldn't list all our fav seiyuu... that will make a whole new page ^^;)
ae86kai is a new reviwer we have. He is half Chinese, and half Japanese, otaku who literally have a room of anime stock to sell. Ask him what he can sell you from Japan, and he'll deliever! He hopes to be the main guy in http://www.cooljapanesetoys.com and has written anime reviews in the past. Take a look at his bio for his fav anime listings. :D

Midorikawa's BIO:
Born: May 2nd, 1968 in Tochigi
Blood type: B
Martial Status: Happily married (May 2001)
He works for Aoni Production.

Seki Tomokazu's BIO:
Born: September 8th 1972 in Tokyo.
Blood type: AB.
He works for Haikyou.

This is a place where we'll personally be updating all the new voice actings they've done thus far and is not listed in the Doi's website. (Really, there's no need to repeat if it's at Doi-sama's ne?) We'll also be loosly be reviewing any new anime/manga (from bit torrent mostly) and talk about the seiyuu in them.

Please check out dolphinsex another anime/manga review site.